Many of us begin our quest for enlightenment because our lives are unfulfilled, and we have the sense that 'something is missing'. We're led to believe that we have to endure all sorts of cathartic releases before spiritual growth is in any way possible. We're convinced that finding enlightenment is an ordeal. Openings offers a Spiritual Bridge into direct Spiritual experiences.

Within a retreat format, Openings supports your spiritual experiences into the wholeness of who you really are. Touching into innate wisdoms, insightful implications and love, you reside in peace.

Openings does not include elaborate mental processes. As participants are not programmed to exchange one set of values or beliefs for another set, the Openings experience is beyond the limited structures of ego. Participants learn simple and effective spiritual tools to apply in their daily life.

The Openings experience for each participant is unique and very personal.

Openings is a spiritual training conducted over eight days. Starting on Sunday, with Monday Tuesday, and Wednesday free until the Retreat commences Wednesday evening through to the following Sunday.