Home Meditation

Home Meditations are an opportunity to experience the benefits of group meditation in a neutral, supportive environment. These regular and free meditation sessions are suitable for both beginners and for those with more experience. You are welcome to use your own practice or if required you can be guided into a simple meditative state based on focusing on your breathing. For those that would like more, other meditation techniques can be offered.

"Meditation is a warm, uplifting experience that leaves you relaxed, refreshed and enlivened."

"Meditation enables us to touch into the Spiritual depths within ourselves bringing forth greater peace and aliveness into our lives."

For those who are beginners, a basic traditional meditation practice is offered. The regular meditation sessions support them by giving them a designated space and time to simply focus on meditating. And a starting point for continuing on at home, even if for a short time, on a regular basis.

For someone who already meditates, this is an opportunity to support their own practice of meditation by having a regular session, supported with others who are also making meditation their objective.

For anyone, it is an opportunity to have an experience of meditation.

People who come observe that they leave feeling different - more quiet, more settled, more with themselves, and often something more, to do with upliftment, and of course it is very much each person's own experience.

and it helps to keep going.

Please contact us if you would like any further information about this service.