The All One Foundation Established 1979

The All One Foundation offers a range of trainings and services to the community. These provide opportunities for people to experience a range of tools, such as meditation, that support and nurture personal and spiritual growth in a neutral, teachings-free environment.

Our philosophy is:

  • No dogma or teachings.
  • We are non directive and devoid of rules on how to run your life.
  • Our trainings provide direct spiritual experiences opening your inner knowledge.
  • Spiritually based and supported tools are yours to use and explore.
  • Rather than information, inherent inner knowledge is your fundamental key to the Spiritual.
  • In the end there are only potential and possibilities.

Since 1979 The All One Foundation has run hundreds of trainings and services in Australia and internationally. These have been provided in a range of formats, some of which are: free weekly meditation groups, weekend courses, long-distance phone conferences and week-long, residential spiritual retreats.

These trainings and services include:

Please contact us if you would like any further information about any of our trainings or services.

For more information on our philosophy and the workings of The Foundation please see About Us.